Most of Daniel’s teaching centers around equipping Christians to be the Bride of Christ, walking in intimacy with Jesus. One quality that Jesus is looking for in His Bride is for them to be faithful or full of faith. So often Daniel’s teaching centers around the many facets of walking by faith.

      Jesus is also looking for a Bride that will walk in purity overcoming sin and the attacks of the devil. So much of Daniel’s teaching is focused on what the scripture says about walking in holiness, free from the entanglements of sin and how to wage spiritual warfare that results in victory in every part of our lives.

      The Bride is also a lover, so many times teaching will relate what the Word teaches about being a lover of people, free of resentment and bitterness. Learning how to walk in mercy, continually forgiving others is so important for Christians to learn to do on a daily basis.

      Part of being a lover is learning how to be a lover of God. Much teaching centers around how to pursue the Lord with passion and how to be a worshipper as a lifestyle. Music can be an expression of worship, but in reality everything we do is an act of worship. When Daniel does teach on worship, he often leads the congregation in singing intimate worship songs directed to the Lord.

      Daniel will teach on eschatology or end time prophecy when requested. But the main focus of Daniel’s teaching is helping to prepare each Christian to, as Rev. 19:7 says, “make themselves ready to be the Bride.

      My views on eschatology are clearly elaborated on in my Be The Bride Vol. 1 book. I know there are differences held by many respected ministers as to when Jesus will come for His Bride. I strongly believe (and document the massive amount of scriptures in Vol 3) that the Body of Christ is made up of two groups, the wise virgins and the foolish virgins. The wise virgins are the Bride that will be taken in a pre-tribulation rapture and the foolish Laodicean Christians will be left behind to as Rev. 3:18 says, “go buy gold tried in fire” (of tribulation). The horrors of the tribulation is mainly the result of the wrath of Satan through the anti-christ and the false prophet. The wrath of God does not occur till towards the end of the tribulation when Jesus “shortens the tribulation for the sake of the elect” (who are being martyred). Right before the wrath of God is unleashed, (at the start of the breaking of the 7th seal), the tribulation saints, (those left behind and those they lead to the Lord), will be raptured in a second rapture spoken of in Matthew 24:31 where he sends the angels to the four winds to gather the elect. The rapture of the tribulation saints, the elect, right before the wrath falls, is a gathering by the angels. In the rapture of the bride that occurs before the tribulation, Jesus comes himself to catch away His bride.

As I said, my eschatological views are clearly detailed in my books. Any of my books are free to any pastor that requests them. Just send me an email and I will send them to you. Unless you desire me to teach specifically on prophecy, I will teach on one of the topics listed above that will prepare Christians to be the Bride and walk in intimacy with Jesus. That is the most important thing for believers to learn. No matter when one believes the rapture will come, we need to pursue Jesus like never before, “making ourselves ready” for his coming, which, no matter when it occurs, will be sooner than most people think.