You will not believe who Obama is inviting to the White House to meet the Pope!

 You will not believe who Obama is inviting to the White House to meet the Pope on the Feast of Atonement! He is inviting members of the LGBT community including homosexuals and transgenders to show how tolerant the new Pope is. And this is occurring on the day that has been declared “bisexuality day,” which just happens to fall on the holiest day of the year, the feast of atonement next week on 9/23.  Don’t think for a moment that there won’t be consequences for this public act of rebellion thrown in the face of a holy God.

    I believe this act of defiance to the Word of God by the leader of our country could be the final nail in the coffin that will mark the initiation of cataclysmic judgment on our land. With sin being flaunted in the White house and condoned by the leader of the largest denomination in the world, the pope, . . . and with our leaders in congress failing to stop the largest institution of murder in the US, Planned Parenthood, despite seeing videos documenting the most horrific of abominations . . . I don’t see how major judgment is not going to fall on America in the upcoming months.

     When you watch the video below make note of the amazing sign in the sky that points to the coming judgment. Jesus is coming soon for His Bride! Do as Revelation 19 tells us to do . . . make yourself ready! Watch and pray that you may be counted worthy to escape the things coming upon the earth and stand before the Son of Man. Stay close to Jesus and be the Bride!

     Click on the video below for all the details . . .