Be The Bride Vol 4

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    Volume 4 of the Be The Bride series of books starts out with a study of the Latter Rain Harvest that occurs immediately after the rapture of the Bride. Although the subsequent evangelism of the world by believers left behind might seem exciting, the unspeakable horror that also awaits, is strong motivation for readers to apply the teaching in this book assuring themselves that they are a part of the Bride.

    The main focus of Be The Bride volume 4 is to help Christians everywhere to make sure that they have ”made themselves ready,” as Revelations 19:7 says, for the return of Jesus, the groom, for His bride.  Extensive, practical teaching is given on what Jesus is looking for in His Bride and how we can ensure that we are obediently walking in purity and faithfulness, intimate with Him.

    The final four chapters of this book centers on a fascinating study of the final home of all believers, The New Jerusalem.

    Many questions will be answered and topics covered in this timely ebook.

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    Possibly the most important of the Be The Bride series of ebooks, this is must reading for every believer.

     For the last few years the cost of this ebook has been $12.99.  Because I want to get this message out to as many believers as possible, I have cut the price almost in half to make it affordable to just about anyone.  You can get your copy of Be The Bride Volume 4 for a donation of $7.00 to this ministry.  I don’t want finances to be a reason someone cannot get my ebook.  If you are going through a tough time financially but would still like an ebook, email me and tell me your circumstances and I will give you a copy free.


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