Be The Bride Vol 3


    The question is . . . which group will you be in?  The Word of God speaks of two different groups of Christians, the wise virgins, those that are great in the kingdom of God , and the foolish virgins, those that are also referred to in scripture as the least of my brethren.

     These two groups of believers have differing destinies . . . both in what happens to them in the not too distant future on earth . . . and ultimately in their differing roles in the millennial reign of Jesus on earth.  Be the Bride Volume 3 explores who will be in these two groups and what their immediate and long term future will be.

    The message of this book is so important for every Christian to understand and take to heart. Contrary to the scenario that is given in the best selling  “Left Behind ” books, not all believers will be taken in the upcoming rapture that precedes a time of great tribulation on the earth.

    So what are some of the areas that I cover in Be The Bride Volume 3?

Be The Bride Vol3-Topic-Points


     It is my prayer that through reading this book that you will gain a sense of destiny and understand how little time is left for every believer to put Jesus first in their lives before He comes for His Bride.

     There is a lot at stake for Christians everywhere. Jesus is looking for a Bride that is intimate with Him, listening continually to His voice and obeying Him in all things. Other than the Bible, because of the urgency of the message, this could be one of the most important books that you read this year!

     For the last few years the cost of this ebook has been $12.99.  Because I want to get this message out to as many believers as possible, I have cut the price almost in half to make it affordable to just about anyone.  You can get your copy of Be The Bride Volume 3 for a donation of $7.00 to this ministry.  I don’t want finances to be a reason someone cannot get my ebook.  If you are going through a tough time financially but would still like an ebook, email me and tell me your circumstances and I will give you a copy free. 


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